-G- Lifestyle Session

We loved getting to meet the newest addition to this adorable family! Big sister Kennedy was such a helper in this session. She held my hand and took me to every room to show me where each member in her family slept, she helped me get a stool, and she showed me everything she got for Christmas. I think we became quick best friends and she secretly thought I was there to play with her :) She loves to hold, snuggle, and love on her new baby sister! We got the honor of photographing Kenned only a few days old and are so happy we got invited into their home for a lifestyle session for beautiful Ella! They moved into this home not too long ago and it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting. Each room was as gorgeous and as well put together as the next and we hope they cherish this special time that we got to capture! We look forward to watching Ella and Kennedy grow and always capture all of these fleeting moments for this sweet Mom and Dad!

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Kerry's Maternity Session - Catonsville, MD

I just couldn't wait to post Kerry's blog! I should name this blog three gorgeous girls! To say Kerry is glowing is an understatement. She is Radiant! Kerry is always working with me behind the camera and to be able to capture her with her girls was such a special moment. We take photos of each other with our families here and there but very rarely do we do an entire session on one another.  I loved the pressure of wanting her to love all of the photos! The weather was perfect, and the lighting was impeccable so clearly this session would go without flaws, right? Before taking one photo we stepped into the tall grass and Kerry got stung by a bee! Of course! However after that it was a super fun time. Layla and Jordan are two of the cutest little girls you will ever meet. Layla has such a sweet and genuine nature to her that shows in the photos. Jordan is also very sweet with just a little extra sass on top! I couldn't love this family more and cannot wait to capture the birth of their new brother/son! I cannot wait to kiss an snuggle him. He is going to be one spoiled and very loved baby boy!

Salem's 1st Birthday Cake Smash - Pasadena, MD

I know we have said this before, but it really is such a special thing when we get to take a client's maternity photos, newborn photos, and then watch the baby turn 1 for a birthday session!  Molly went with a mermaid theme for both her newborn session and cake smash.  Of course we had to find a location with some water for this cute little fishy, and John Downs Park in Pasadena had everything we were looking for.  

Salem absolutely loved her mama's vegan cake and dug right in!  She even put her whole face to it towards the end.  We had a beautiful night at the end of June, and Salem held up well even though it was clearly her bedtime!  Thank you to Molly, Jacob, and their lovely helper Claudia (Molly's mom) for another memorable session! 

Baby James - Lifestyle Newborn Session

We have been so excited to share this sweet lifestyle session on our blog!  Baby James and big sister Emilia stole our hearts!  Newborn sessions always have their challenges- but then add in a 2 year old and things are usually crazy!  But Emilia was just adorable and very cooperative! She sang us songs, read us books and loved showing us where their rooms were. This is what we love about lifestyle! We get to capture sweet families in their own comfortable environment and see the not so shy side of the siblings :) We know James is lucky to have a big sissy like Emilia! Congrats to the R family on your newest little bundle of joy!


Michelle's Maternity Session

Baby girl #3 coming soon for this sweet family! We had a beautiful maternity session in Centennial Park with Michelle, Tim, and their 2 beauties. We knew from the second we saw Michelle glowing in her maternity dress and those two little princesses in their vintage dollybaby dresses that we were going to be swoooooooooning over this session! That we did!  We had to control our editing :) This session was in the midst of all of those rainy, rainy (did we say RAIN yet??) days. Yet we could not have gotten a more beautiful evening. The girls were cuter then you could imagine and we loved catching up with Tim and Michelle.  We are so thankful you had us capture this special moment and we hope to capture many more with baby #3!

Baby Bumping!

Baby number two! We are so thrilled for their family of three to soon be a family of four. Delaney is going to make the best big sissy! What a sweet session we got to have with them. We love when clients turn into more then just clients and we loved catching up with them and seeing Delaney :) Watching their family grow is special and we are thrilled to always be able to capture their moments with them. Jen was gorgeous and glowing  as always! We loved editing this beauty and we are now so excited to share them. We cannot wait to meet Kyra! 

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Fun on the Farm- Sykesville, MD

When Stephanie called us to schedule an extended family session, we knew it was going to be special.  Her grandparents bought their farm in Sykesville and raised their children on it decades ago.  Stephanie and her sister Amie were also raised on this farm.  After years in the works, Amie built her own house on the farm and Stephanie moved back and completely renovated one of the original houses.  Now, the 4th generation of children gets to enjoy the same carefree, fun childhood! What an amazing place to make memories that they can remember for a lifetime! What a special session it was and we were so happy to help capture memories on the farm!

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