Sandy Toes Surprise

Excited to repost and share with people who may or may not have seen this fun engagement session we did! This wasn't an ordinary engagement session. We got to capture my brother purposing to his soon to be wife! We went to Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina over this past summer and stayed in one big home filled with 46 people. Your thinking we are nuts, aren't you? It was such a crazy and fun vacation! Can you imagine all of that fun packed into one home? We weren't sure about it either It turned out to be one BIG amazing trip!  To jumpstart the vacation Josiah had planned all along that on the second night there he would slip away with Julie and we would run down to quickly set up everything he had planned. Kerry and I hid behind steps and the brush of the sand dunes giggling like little kids awaiting their return. We were having so much fun before it had even begun. The suspense was killing us but we loved every minute of it! As you can see from the photos it turned out to be better then we could have expected and we were able to capture the raw emotion and love they share for one another! We could not be happier they had us there and sharing in this delicate moment. This may just be a once in a lifetime beach trip that all of our families will cherish and remember for years to come!

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